chipmunk-with-tomatoThere are many different types of animals that can invade your garden and each requires a unique way to keep them out. The first step to take when you first notice that your garden has been invaded is to identify the creature. Common garden thieves include: deer, squirrel, rabbits, raccoons, birds, gophers, and skunks. Once you identify which creature is ruining your beautiful garden, research a little bit about the animal species. Learn about the animals habits. This knowledge will be crucial in discovering a way to keep the animal out. The next thing to do is to try and make your garden as unappealing as possible to the nearby wildlife.

How To Make Your Garden Less Appealing to the Animals

  • Get rid of nearby hiding places such as brush, tall grass, and possible crawl/burrowing space underneath decks

  • Cover compost piles; raccoons are extremely drawn to compost piles

  • Clean spilled bird seed; squirrels flock to bird seed

  • Tie aluminum cans to tree branches above gardens: the shininess and noise have been known to scare off animals

  • Spray vegetables with a water and hot sauce mixture: it will deter certain animals. Keep in mind that you will need to wash these veggies thoroughly when picked, if you do not like spicy foods. Also, keep in mind that the rain will wash off this hot sauce mixture and will need to be reapplied.

If these techniques do not work there are many other options on keeping animals out of your garden.

Ways to Keep Animals Out Of Your Garden

  • Place physical barriers up that animals cannot enter. It is encouraged that a fence be placed around the garden. Placing mesh or netting over the garden has also been known to help in some cases. This can be found at local hardware stores. This product allows for the plants to still receive the amount of sunlight and water that they need without impeding their growth.

  • Eradication: These are the more gruesome ways of removal, but are effective nonetheless. Types of eradication include:

    • smoke bombs

    • poison

    • scissor traps

    • shooting

  • Scent repellants can be used to keep animals out. Simple research can be done to find out which scents the type of animal avoids, and these can be purchased at gardening stores or can be found at local groceries (ex. lemons, coffee grounds, etc.).

  • Pets can also help keep unwanted animals out of gardens. Cats and dogs have been known to chase off intruding animals.

  • Live traps: are the more humane removal technique. Pest control can be called to help aid the removal, or these traps can be purchased for personal use. These traps catch the animal live, and allow you release the animal a safe distance from your home and garden.

Though vegetable gardens are extremely prone to animal invasion, it usually does not take much to remove these vegetable thieves and the problems that they pose.

Lindsay is a writer for Kyle Law Firm, a personal injury and criminal defense attorney firm in Austin, Texas. Lindsay enjoys gardening very much and does not allow any animal steal her home grown veggies. 

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