An interview with Karen Cancilla of Gro-O

Excerpt from the interview…

“Organic means a lot to me personally because of my health issues… I have a sensitivity to pesticides and different types of chemicals. When I was buying organic food, I was never sure how organic it was and it spoiled quickly and never all that fresh, so I decided to grow my own food at home.”

“I grow everything that I love… all of my own vegetables and fruit here in the LA area. I grow everything in raised planters. I’ve found a way to do it that’s not time consuming.”

“Last year I grew about 650 pounds of food, but I don’t count the pumpkins.”

“There are fruits and vegetables we will never buy again.”

“There are different inexpensive ways to grow even when there’s frost and you can get a few extra months even where there’s snow.”

“The Gro-O garden planner is software that you can design your raised planters or garden in the software. If you enter your zip code, it will tell you when to plant and what to plant and when to harvest along with reminder emails.”

Listen to the interview:

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