Nurseries & Garden Centers

Still Lake Nursery – includes everything a gardener may need, such as: fertlizer, pesticides, tools, pots, seeds, statues, and of course a wide variety of plants and flowers.

Gardensgreen – We carry Savannah Cinnamon Company Mixes, Ibis & Orchid Design ceramics, Botanical Interests Garden Seeds,
 Bosmere coco liners and garden supplies, PAR-A-SOL hummingbird feeders and much more.

Denny’s Best Fertilizer – All current subscribers of “Ernie’s Homegrown Tomatoes are eligible for a discount pricing on a one (1) lb bag of Denny’s Best Fertilizer. Purchase one (1) bag at $8.95 plus shipping, and receive the second bag for free.

Gro-O’s After School Gardening Program – Children gain self-confidence, learn responsibility through environmental stewardship, learn focus and patience, cooperation, teamwork and social skills.

Food Services

Family Meal Delivery –  Use our cost efficient and moreover extremely healthy family meal delivery programs to help save time and energy.