Ernie shares his comments about this growing season so far and answers a number of tomato gardening questions:

“I had to stop my gardening due to persistent pests such as deer skunks raccoonswhiteflies and cutworms! The white flies lay their eggs but they fall on the concrete and die and no more cut worms. My main problem is the condition of my plants, the leaves are small and they seem to be curled and skinny.”

“I am a beginner gardener and last year was my very first time trying my hand at gardening. My problem was two things, first I had some kind of worm entering my tomatoes which looked so unattractive and the second problem was at the bottom of the tomato was soggy looking and eaten out. How can I correct this problem so I won’t repeat this again?”

“I have grown tomatoes for 15 or 20 years. I would like to increase my yield in my containers and am hoping you can help me with that.”

Plus other questions were asked during the call. Listen to this edition of Ernie’s Homegrown Tomatoes:

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